Walk The Talk Lyrics

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I wanna feel it
I wanna sing it
I want to be alive again

Go on take my hand
Kiss me on my brain
Do something
Turn me on again

It’s not that you have to
But someone has to, you know

No I’m not runnin’
No I’m not scared
I am waiting and well prepared

Find me while I’m gone
Complete me when I’m found
Tell me things
Prove me wrong again

Cause I’m done talkin’
It’s time for the walkin’
And i am needing somebody
But not anybody, you know

Oh I’d love to
Fallin’ in love again
And be two
Holdin’ on to what we knew
Ups and down I don’t mind
Cause baby it’s about time
To be in love again
I feel fine
Open up to someone new
Risk it all I don’t mind
Gotta walk the talk
Gotta walk the talk
Walk the talk

Song Written by Pamungkas
Song Produced by Pamungkas