Bambina Lyrics

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Thank you for stopping by
Leave the door wide open
I wanna see you
Looking back as you leave
With your little smile
And one hand waving free
It’s a pleasure knowing you

Goodbye Bambina
Goodbye Bambina
Goodnight Bambina
Goodbye bye bye
I’ll see you later

A part of me wants you to stay
But baby who cares what I say
Just watch how you roam now
Take care of yourself now

Bambina it’s alright
It’s alright have your way

Have a faith
Don’t be scared
You are loved
You’ll be fine
So am I
I’m prepared
I’ll be good
As it should
Bon voyage moi belle
(Bon voyage moi belle)
Bambina I’ll miss you
Bambina I’ll miss you
I wish you well in all you do

Song Written by Pamungkas
Song Produced by Pamungkas